JavaScript Web-Applications

Developing any application in JavaScript

  • Front-End: React, Angular, Electron or Vanilla JS
  • Back-End: NodeJS, Deno
  • Testing: Jest, Mocha, Chai, Puppeteer
  • Always using TypeScript ♥

Mobile Apps

creating mobile apps

Bringing mobile apps to life using Capacitor, Ionic or React-Native.


Games / VR / AR in Unity

let's create something breathtaking!

Developing amazing experiences with Unity.


Analyzing your Project

something wrong with your existing Website or App?

Highly proficient in finding performance issues and bugs.


Something else?

feel free to request help with other projects. I am also able to code in C# and others.


Urgent bugfix required?

Do not be shy, let's fix the problem! (the link will open your email client)